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"I think my ass has gotten bigger.."

My love for my sassy sex master, the finnish man himself, Mr. Rask. Yes I'm that one that gave Tuukka the Beyonce CD. I met Shawn twice & gave him a v-day card. && I got to meet Dougie and he laughed AT me. yes, AT! but its Douglas so I fucks with it. k bye

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"my right arm is more defined because… haha… you know…" - tyler seguin probably

cause you use the shake weight. duh


Yay! After having this blog for over a year, I decided to do a little giveaway to thank all of my amazing-ball followers who have stuck with me since the beginning!

You will be winning 2 tickets for a preseason game on September 30th 2014. New York Islanders vs Boston Bruins @ 7:00pm. Seats will be in Balcony 312!

Please only enter if you know for sure you can make it! I will be selecting a winner on the 27th (Saturday) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  HAVE AND MAKE SURE YOUR ASK BOX IS  OPEN AS THAT IS THE WAY I WILL BE CONTACT YOU

To enter:

1. Reblog this post! Reblog as many times as you would like. It will increase your chances (likes will not be counted)

2. You must be following me. After  all, it IS for my FOLLOWERS. ya know, people who FOLLOW this blog. k you get the point (I will be checking)

3. This is not a mandatory requirement  but if you like this page on facebook or follow on instagram you will be entered 2 times for following 1 and 3 times for following both!! MESSAGE ME AND LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU DO!  (sheetttt, im giving you free tickets I aint asking much from you lil asshole. just do it. pretty please :))


Patrice Bergeron iPhone 5 backgrounds asked by benngeron

Geno’s sassy ticket delivery (15 Sep 2014)

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im laughing so hard


#NHLBruins jerseys & equipment await the players for the Black & Gold Scrimmage in Providence tonight at the Dunkin Donuts Center. Puck drops at 5 ET! Follow updates on Twitter @NHLBruins & check ou


Bobby Ryan is a wise man